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The Box

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A selection of 6 cakes to celebrate the Holidays!

Cake Matcha:Financier with Matcha | White Chocolate and Rose Water Glaze

Chocolate Cake:Chocolate Financier | Chocolate and Almond Frosting | Golden leaf

Cherry Cake:Financier with Cherries and Lemon Zest | Candied orange

Chestnut Cake:Chestnut Cake | Chestnut Cream Frosting | Candied chestnuts

Cardamom Cake:Financier with orange blossom and cardamom | Raspberry Inspired Chocolate Frosting | Freeze Dried Raspberries

Marbled Cake:Marbled Cake with Hazelnuts | Praline | Roasted Hazelnuts

**this information is included in the box**